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General Chat Thread, EMC are now charging extra for support per TB in General; I have been looking to refresh our SAN and have been getting some quotes through for EMC as this is ...
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    EMC are now charging extra for support per TB

    I have been looking to refresh our SAN and have been getting some quotes through for EMC as this is what we have currently and have been very happy with it. Having got the quotes back there was an item on there I didn't recognise so I queried it and it turns out that EMC are now charging an extra support cost per TB of storage in the array! This extra cost has pushed the higher capacity specification out of our budget range which is very annoying /rant off

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    Find a better reseller... EMC will try this tactic until a reseller aggressively forces their hand over pricing support.

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    poop, I was just looking at getting an EMC they're (were) just becoming affordable.

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    We got caught by EMC, they want 880 euros for 1 hard drive, and with the rest of the associated costs, they quoted us £2500 all in! They really have lost the plot over there! All because the company we had bought it through set us up with the wrong device so we never received the end of support contract notification! We aren't going EMC again for a SAN Array (shame we bought a new second SAN last year from them really...)

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