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General Chat Thread, How long for chair in General; How long can a Chair of Governors remain in post even if he get re-elected. Is there a max amount ...
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    How long for chair

    How long can a Chair of Governors remain in post even if he get re-elected. Is there a max amount of terms they can do

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    All governors, except the Head, serve a four year term. At the end of that term a staff governor or parent governor post must go out for election. The original SG or PG may stand again if they are eligible. All other Governors are appointed by the Governing Body and may only be reappointed if their skills match the need of the GB (Governing Body); this skills requirement is a recent change to GB appointments . The skills don't have to be hard skills like accountancy and law, they can be simply that this person is good at questioning data.

    The Chair is elected as set out in the Terms of Reference for the Governing Body. This is usually, but not always, annually. There is no set maximum term of office, but the National Governors Association recommends a maximum of 8 years as Chair. The reality is that few people are prepared to stand as Chair. Most chairs say they are in post because nobody else would do it... including me.
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