I've recently come across these guys


It's basically one lady who manages accepting dogs from places where they would be put to sleep and gets them into foster homes where they are assessed to see what kind of forever home they need (ie kids/no kids, cats/no cats or with dogs/no dogs) and they're assessed to make sure they're not likely to attack people.

If anyone feels like donating a bob or two the paypal address is shamanslegacy@gmail.com

We are considering taking on one of her dogs thats in a foster home at the moment, he's a real beauty light silver German Shepherd. In the meantime I got a message last night could we foster a white deaf GSD as if they didn't take him from the kennels he was going to be put to sleep, anyway we replied and said of course we'd foster him, in the meantime she'd found someone else to take him on. She was really pleased we'd agreed to have him though.

I've decided to put some effort into helping raise funds for her, she has a rescue dog that needs an operation too. There's a family fun day at Emneth near Wisbech, itll be a brilliant day out. I've written to lots and lots of local tourist attraction, so there should be plenty of family tickets for various places.

Please can you pass this around friends and family

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