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General Chat Thread, Festival camping gear ahoy! in General; Aldi are doing camping gear on Thursday and have some very nice items for those of us who enjoy getting ...
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    Festival camping gear ahoy!

    Aldi are doing camping gear on Thursday and have some very nice items for those of us who enjoy getting under canvas: https://www.aldi.co.uk/en/specialbuy...day-26th-june/
    It's just a shame that Shaun, Ric and I are jettign off to do a show in the US on Wednesday. I'll have to leave my very understanding wife a shopping list as we need the table, gazebo and windbreak.
    These are great for 'stakeing your claim' and preventing that horrible festival experience of waking up to find a new tent pitched right outside your door.
    Often in a field with plenty of space!

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    HD Satellite kit looks good!

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    I could be tempted by the USB power pack.

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