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General Chat Thread, Teacher Laptop options in General; Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with doing some sort of split-pay laptop ...
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    Question Teacher Laptop options

    Good Afternoon,

    I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with doing some sort of split-pay laptop deployment for teachers/staff. Rather than buying mid/low-range laptops for everyone, I was thinking of opening it up and offering to have the district pay for a portion of the laptop and the staff member can choose if they want the standard mid-range machine or pay to upgrade to something better depending on their wants from the computer.

    I know there'd be a lot of details to work out regarding who owns what and who is responsible for what (especially if a teacher leaves mid-cycle - who picks up the bill) but I can see there being a lot of benefit too. I feel like our current program of assigning all the same laptop to everyone sort of punishes those teachers who would excel given the device of their choice.

    Just looking for anyone who may have experience with this to give some insight.


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    Think stone computers offer a service similar to this...

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    The OP looks like they are in the US so stone probably couldn’t help.
    Personally I think the whole thing would get very messy, and I like having all the same machine model, it makes it nice on images and spare parts.
    To take it a step further I would like to stop issuing teacher laptops all together and put a PC in the room. But I don’t think that will go very far around here.
    My reasons for suggesting this are that half of the staff never take them home and they stay in the classroom plugged in all the time as a desktop. This kills the battery, it is the part I’ve replaced most. Second reason is for those that do take them home when they call off I have to scrounge up a spare for the substitute. If I had a PC in the room this wouldn’t be an issue.

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