An interesting article here: BBC News - 'Disconnect' in parents' careers advice and jobs market

There is a "disturbing disconnect" between parents' traditional careers advice to their children and the needs of the jobs market, research says.One in 10 of 2,000 parents said they would "actively discourage" their kids from digital jobs such as coding.
But 38% said they would advise their children to take up law or medicine, said O2, which commissioned the study.
The Confederation of British Industry called for UK businesses and the government to boost digital skills.
With machines increasingly forecast to take over many roles that doctors previously performed in the near future, especially in diagnostics and the with the jobs market getting increasingly swamped with law graduates (who don't earn as much as many would think) I'm surprised parents can't see what the future offers in this sector.
Yes, coding isn't for everyone, but for those with the right imaginations and ability it can put you in a very sucessful career indeed.