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General Chat Thread, Beware Amazon fake emails in General; ...
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    only spam I've had recently ( notice gmail is not spelt correctly):

    GmaiI Team norepy@******
    19:47 (18 hours ago)

    to me
    Dear User,

    You have 3 incoming messages on hold due to server issues

    Click Here To Reset Account and Receive



    ©GoogIe Team

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    I seem to get a few like - from: ||MASTERCARD|| subject: ~~RE: y0ur M4sterC4rd ~~ {sparkeh} ~~

    Wondering if they really expect anyone to think that's legit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkeh View Post
    I seem to get a few like - from: ||MASTERCARD|| subject: ~~RE: y0ur M4sterC4rd ~~ {sparkeh} ~~

    Wondering if they really expect anyone to think that's legit?
    The logic behind it is that the more obvious the scam is, the more likely the only people replying have already been taken in.

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    Just had a great one...
    Staff: "I had an email from someone I didnt know about an invoice - I wasnt expecting an invoice so I tried to open it up.."**rage building**
    "... except it wouldnt open.." **calmness resumes**
    "... so I sent them an email to ask them what it was about.." **overturns table and screams**
    "...they havent replied yet, it was ditroif123@ejhe3.symonsr.com should I email them again?" **will to live is lost**.

    All done in a genuine no big deal voice - even when I point out that this was a blatant scam and the might have compromised the email system and or network they seemed to not understand the seriousness of it!! Sigh....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rich_tech View Post
    I get tons of the WoW spams all the time, thank the lord for Authenticator Apps and two step auths on anything major in my online life !

    I had a chat with a colleague earlier about this and I still cannot believe that in this day and age people fall for some scams though where they give people stuff like pin numbers over the telephone though, email scams are a bit more fraught, because to the average joe nowadays and the use of HTML in emails, everything "looks official" even though its not, sometimes plain text was a lot better I think for spotting scams.
    Yes. This. Where WoW is concerned I'm even further removed in that I have the keyring Authenticator, not just the app. Although I'd really like to be able to enable both types. I find 2FA to be a bit of a faff but it helps that the Google Authenticator App supports other accounts - there is nothing worse than having to install custom authenticator apps for everything.

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    It's really strange that you guys always have such an issue with Spam. I have had my gmail account for a good 3 years and not once have I had any kind of spam.... now my hotmail that's a different matter.

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    The only scam I get to my GMail account was when I had Mr. Drew Peacock for the 419 scams
    Gmail's really good about not giving me Spam. I check my Hotmail account infrequently and sometimes there's junk but it gets put in the junk folder.

    Maybe I'm just not on that many spam lists?

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    My Gmail gets no spam at all, my hotmail 10 or so a week.

    People at work moan about spam, but we actually do really well, for a system with 3000 mail boxes we only get about 10 a day - all of which seem to go to people who we consider to be not tech savvy, suggesting they have stuck their work email into something unsavoury and now have the digital equivalent of an embarrassing rash.

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