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General Chat Thread, RIP Rik Mayall in General; Originally Posted by tech_guy RIP Rik. You were brilliant as Kevin Turvey in A Kick Up The Eighties. Comedy gold. ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by tech_guy View Post
    RIP Rik. You were brilliant as Kevin Turvey in A Kick Up The Eighties. Comedy gold.
    Yes Kevin was the best!

    Kevin Turvey Investigates... Death - YouTube

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    Total shocker on his death, brilliant comedian and not many of those left from the old days. Do miss the old comedies where they could say what they wanted without being hit by the press or other celebrities. Comedy these days is really starting to dip in my view, I grew up with every comedy out there from the young ones to faulty towers and not forgetting laurel and hardy.

    They did what they want what they saw as funny regardless if anyone else liked it or not. Exactly how comedy is supposed to be in my view. Rik was a perfect person from that era, he really didn't take it too serious and went with the flow of it all.

    All I can say is thank you for making me laugh to the point of throwing up.

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    I just don't think anyone else now would be able to pull it off not to mention can you imagine the BBC commission The Young Ones now? That would never see the light of day in this era.

    Sadly I think brutal slapstick humour with a smattering of "low impact" swear words is a thing of the past, certainly for TV at any rate. I can't think of any comedian with the presence, charisma, timing and genius to manage to pull it off anyway. Rik was a comedy genius and so is Ade but together they were comedy giants the likes of which i'm sad to say we're unlikely to see again.

    Can't wait to introduce the kids to their stuff when they're older (they're 5,7 at the moment) funnily enough I was about that age when the young ones was broadcast and I watched some of it, didn't understand a lot obviously but I was subsequently banned after dropping You Utter (B word) whilst playing a computer game, much to my sadness. Up until recently we still had the original first run broadcasts on tape, showing it's age Betamax!

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