Wasn't really sure where to post this, apologies if there is a better suited forum. This question is for ICT co-ordinators or anyone who uses iPads in education.

We're basically trying to acquire a list of apps that are non-educational that we can put a spin on and use in an educational setting. We feel some of our children would learn more using apps they actually enjoy, i guess to educate the child without them knowing..

For example, every child's favourite: Angry Birds.. this could be used in maths, take a screenshot to try and work out the flight path that might be needed to hit the target, or do something like averages with scores. English: write a story about why the birds are attacking. Why are they determined to destroy everything?

That is completely vague and the example can be used across various apps but i'm wondering if anyone else is doing something similar? How are you using apps and games that may not be educational in a way that can be used as a lesson etc..

Any ideas welcome! thanks