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EDIT - Unless I'm being dim it reads like Apple have addressed this - specifically Some private networks also use ".local" domains for hosts registered with their internal DNS server, even though it is not a valid top-level domain on the public Internet. If your Mac is connected to such a network, you may want it to look up host names that end in ".local" by using Unicast DNS to speak to a DNS server, the same way that it looks up host names such as "www.apple.com" on the Internet.
That little trick only has limited effects on alleviating the problem of .local domains. Tried it as well as some other things some years ago on a .local domain. A domain rename ultimately was the only thing that fixed the problem and it was like night and day afterwards. Domain renames aren't really all that painful if properly planned and executed. With the exception of recent versions of Exchange Server, which don't allow a rename. If you have Exchange, it would be tough, but otherwise not so bad.