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General Chat Thread, Extended XP support for Birmingham schools? in General; I apologise, was before my time really!!...
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    I apologise, was before my time really!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davit2005 View Post
    Windows 7 was a bit of pain with some aging software
    Windows 7 is a pain with some current software too. If you use The Gimp, you have to disable several features to get it to run under W7, but it runs perfectly under XP.

    I do miss XP; it was a lot quicker than W7 but times move on. We will stick with 7 and there is no reason for us to upgrade to 8. (I can imagine the complaints from staff if we did go to 8.) I don't know what happens when we get the 60 new machines we've ordered. Presumably we have to downgrade, but that's not my problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arthur View Post
    That's debatable. XP is an awful OS.
    It's a product of it's time, i'd strongly disagree that i was an awful OS. It was pretty good up until when Win 7 was released.

    Windows 8 is pants though, it actually makes me realise that Vista wasn't all that bad.

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