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General Chat Thread, Xbox and AOL in General; Our head has bought an Xbox for his teenage sons, but he has AOL at home. This is the quote ...
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    Xbox and AOL

    Our head has bought an Xbox for his teenage sons, but he has AOL at home. This is the quote from the Xbox site -

    "Will AOL Broadband work with XboxLive?
    It is currently not possible to connect to Xbox Live using AOL Broadband service provided over DSL. Although we have been working with AOL, we have not come up with a mutually agreeable workaround at this time. We are continuing to actively work with AOL Broadband to develop a solution to this issue. We apologise for any inconvenience and please check back here for updated information."

    Does anyone know of a way round this problem?

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    Re: Xbox and AOL

    Umm... yes it is! I did.

    I just plugged my XBOX into the router. If he doesn't have a router he'll need to use a crossover and ICS...

    Xlink kai is better anyway

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