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General Chat Thread, Becoming an Academy in General; At the moment there's only 2 people in the whole school on 52 weeks a year and I'm one of ...
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    At the moment there's only 2 people in the whole school on 52 weeks a year and I'm one of them. Thanks for all the responses good to actually hear from people who have been through it all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorfarius View Post
    At the moment there's only 2 people in the whole school on 52 weeks a year and I'm one of them. Thanks for all the responses good to actually hear from people who have been through it all.

    There are only 6 here out of nearly 300 staff on a 52 week contract... Me and my Tech, and the 4 members of the site management team.

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    We have also just recently been told that we are changing to academy status in September, part of the Ormiston Trust group of Academies. We have been told that all our jobs are safe, still very worrying though so its nice to hear that there have been so many positive replies in this thread.

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    Glad others DIDNT feel a thing:

    Sadly my last job didn't get a smooth ride, we was sponsored so if you are too be very very careful. Only reason why we got sponsored was simply because the Head saw a quicker solution to getting what he wanted. Even he didn't see coming what happened in 18 months to 2 years. The Head did his big thing and told Staff what happened, he got a phone call by a certain individual, this call told him "lets work together, instead of being rivals". After this conversation he said, no massive changes, no job losses/redundancies, no take over, working together.

    This was all a big fat lie, everyone at this other School knew it (they said it before us), some at our School was worried.

    The truth was this was about a full blown take over, this was about turning our School road map to match this other School, this wasn't about working together to improve both sites because this other School is considered to be "the way to go".

    The 1st targets were management: Deputy Heads who are on too much or WONT comply with the new way are made redundant. Our School had 2 removed (these two were essential and did a great job), strange thing is the money they made compared to their redundancy pay actually made sense in keeping them till they retired so this had nothing to do with money and we knew it.
    2nd Target: Now that the Deputy Heads are dealt with, its time to promote the Head so he is off site and loses full control of the School. He was given a fancy title in the trust.

    Next put in place a new head of School, a new path for SLT forcing anyone that's left to re-apply for their jobs.

    Next Teaching staff, anyone not qualified was instantly put on the black list and evaluated heavily. Most were pushed out the door.

    ADMIN/SUPPORT Staff: The heavy casualties, the road map from this other School had a few ADMIN staff doing all the jobs. Most made redundant and some put down to an "off site area".

    IT was affected, 1 Senior person doing everything and 2 Technicians. Strangely enough the way the other School does things had 4 full time and 1 part time yet their site work was similar to us.

    We all knew this was coming the second they got rid of 2 deputy heads because they didn't agree with what the head did.

    Now? The priority is Ofsted regardless of anything else, this means anything which is good for the kids but gets no recognition by Ofsted is removed. Staff at the School don't want to be there and are being moved around in the trust left right and centre. People are still being escorted off site because they use their voice, Students and Parents are unhappy about the entire thing.

    Still the School recently got a GOOD Ofsted report, worst part is it was already not far away from getting it. SO after all the changes, sackings, take over it only slightly improved.

    My other posts have far more detail about everything, lets just say I watched my back, went for another job and left. They tried to persuade me to stay but there was no point.

    Even my previous boss there has just left.

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    We've started to see some changes appearing now, after 3 years of being an academy.

    Changes being introduced include:

    1. New support staff will not be joining the LGPS. They are instead joining a NEST pension. This is being done to reduce employer contribution rates.
    2. The school is cracking down on discretionary time off. Ie. Most people who have to take time off to look after their sick kids will not get the time off paid.

    I'm sure there will be more, as we've seen quite a few years of dropping pupil numbers (all schools in the area have).

    Until we see the upturn in pupil numbers in about 4 years time, things are only ever going to be tough towards staff.

    Oh, also, expect a *lot* more paperwork in admin. The admin workload has increased massively. More audits for example. But that balances out with a lot more freedom to choose suppliers and the like. We've saved a huge amount of work organising building work in house rather than through the LEA of old. To the tune of at least £250k for one new build we did...
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    I am a governor and a director of a Multi Academy Trust. My school is the lead school and converetd as an outstanding school. We have since taken in two other schools that were forced to convert.

    Staff are TUPEd over. As part of the conversion, it will be decided what structure is necessary and staff will either be slotted straight into the new structure, or they can apply for new posts in the new structure. Thise surplus to requirements are made redundant.

    If you are joining one of the big chains, there is more potential for redundancy of support staff due to centralised functions taking on those roles. Even in my 3 school MAT some roles are centralised, e.g. Finance, Estates, HR and IT. This doesn't mean there is no place for people doing those jobs from a school joining the trust, just there may not be a need for all of them. One of the people most at risk is probably the business manager... A trust finance director probably does all the high level stuff and there is only a role for clerical people in the local schools.

    The person who feels the change most, in my opinion, is the Head Teacher. That person goes from being the big chief to having to answer to a Chief Exec (Exec HT or whatever their title is) and a board. Many struggle with this... including in my trust. Governance changes too as accountability is with the Board of Directors who delegate some things to Local Governors. Financial accounts are aggregated for the Trust and submitted for the trust as a whole. While the school gets a financial payment for the year, that money is paid to the Trust who top slice it and then gives each school their budget. Their is no accountability to the LA and no support from the LA without paying extra for it.
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    My experience was much like @mthomas08's. The whole process seemed to be a power grab by certain people who were no doubt seeing significant pay rises and many of the staff got royally shafted.

    That said, I know of other schools where they were perfectly happy with their conversions. Mind you, these are fairly recent conversions - they might see changes like @localzuk has in time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lorfarius View Post
    In the last few months the Secondary school where I work has been through an OFSTED inspection and been rated as Special Measures. The general talk with the council seems to point towards the school becoming an academy which is terrifying the teachers. But no one really knows what will happen for support staff, I'm the Network Manager with a team of 2 and have been asked but no real idea! Has anyone lived through the switchover and knows what actually happens to us?
    I have been at two schools that became academy's separately, and the only difference was that in effect we broke employment and tuped across to the new academy, otherwise no difference in employment terms or anything else. If it was not for this change we would no have noticed. I guess it depends on the particular establishment and what the long term plans are.

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