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General Chat Thread, Sourcing a 2nd Monitor in General; I was given the task to source a 2nd monitor because the all in one pc washed out when the ...
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    Smile Sourcing a 2nd Monitor

    I was given the task to source a 2nd monitor because the all in one pc washed out when the sun came out and shone into the room.

    The blinds didn't help as they just made the room darker and only reduced the glare a touch, after all what head wants to work in a cave.

    The brief was:

    23 inch widescreen
    Tilt and swivel
    Height adjustable
    Screen had to Matte finish not glossy - TFT or Backlit LED
    Bezel must be shiny black and not too obtrusive
    Decent price
    Optional built in USB

    So I set about my search and came up with these:

    Philips S-line 241S4LCB - LED monitor - 24" - PC World Business


    Height adjustable
    TFT LCD so not a glossy screen
    Swivel and Tilt
    Not a bad price.


    Bezel is textured black not shiny black seems that all shiny black tends to be be on monitors with a glossy screen.
    24" in size slightly bigger than your existing 23" screen.

    There is an alternative which is a Dell montior but it has silver on the case and is double the price.

    Failing that we could always try these below:

    Sourcing a 2nd Monitor-m2.jpg

    Sourcing a 2nd Monitor-m1.jpg
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    If they're having trouble with the sun - stick the monitor where the sun don't shine (as they say) - problem solved!

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    Dell P2213 22'' LED monitor - Monitors | Ebuyer.com

    Not glossy black but still pretty good!

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    We have just bought a couple of these for the classrooms that have just had 65" touch screen monitors fitted

    Acer K242HLAbid 24" LED DVI HDMI Monitor | Ebuyer.com

    They are ok for what they were, they were under £100 yesterday

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    I tend to find if you put the computer screen so that the sun hits the back and not the actual screen then your on the right track.
    I have tried on many occasions to get the suns path adjusted but the amount of paperwork involved is a nightmare, as usual the LEA were unhelpful.

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