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General Chat Thread, Anyone remember these ? in General; Originally Posted by winng I must admit I'd never seen those 'grey folders' before but I did buy Webfolder and ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by winng View Post
    I must admit I'd never seen those 'grey folders' before but I did buy Webfolder and MCAS for a large secondary school I worked in Essex and the teachers were so grateful that they could access the MIS anytime, anywhere! They hadn't been able to do that before.

    With MCAS we saw in increase in parental engagement as they were able to easily reset their passwords, something that was very problematic with the previous SLG system they had experienced.
    Not all will know what MCAS stand for. To be helpful to the forum readers, it stands for MyChildAtSchool.com - Bromcom's parent portal.

    To add to the above 'grey folders' history - MCAS was the very first parent portal (at least in the UK) launched in June 2000. It was covered by ITN and BBC News - BBC News | EDUCATION | Net access to pupils' records

    In the year 2000, MCAS was far ahead of the time. What we didn't realise that vast majority schools signed up for MCAS would tell us " Yes, we have an Internet connection' - only to find out that they had only dial up modem. Those days, the best one would hope was to have an ISDN line.

  2. Thanks to Bromcom-PR from:

    winng (16th May 2014)

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