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General Chat Thread, Explaining sharepoint to staff visually in General; Hi, I've been working on a new intranet for our school using Sharepoint 2013 online. I know that it's a ...
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    Explaining sharepoint to staff visually


    I've been working on a new intranet for our school using Sharepoint 2013 online. I know that it's a beast of a system and can be very confusing. What I'd like to do is come up with a visual way of explaining the concepts and this is what I've come up with.

    I've set up team sites for admin, academic and pupils with sub sites by subject and estates, school resources etc.

    I'm thinking of tackling the subjects part as this will be most relevant to our academic staff who I feel are the ones that will need convincing the most. Our admin staff are used to using shared calendars and sharing files with several people and will (hopefully) see the benefit of it over just having a shared general folder which everyone can dump stuff in (which we have at the moment).

    What I'm considering is describing each subject as a room. The room will have a filing cabinet in (ie documents), a table (to represent a forum) and maybe even a secretary in the corner making a note of when document changes are made. A passcode to the room would be made on the noticeboard in the staff room (as everyone can walk into the room ie they're visitors) but only the members will have a code to the filing cabinet. The colour of the walls will equate to the template.

    Just before a change to a document is made, the secretary makes a photocopy and stables it to the back of the current version (which will have other documents already stapled ie versions). Picture libraries could just be pictures stuck to the wall and maybe if we have a site mailbox then it could just be represented as a letterbox in the door. Onedrive would just be a briefcase.

    I'm thinking I could come up with a 'before' diagram to represent how we do everything currently involving lots of photocopying and letterboxes and a huge filing cabinet with files in no particular order and describing onedrive as a briefcase.

    What do you reckon? If anyone has already visited this idea (or even come up with the visual representation) I'd be really interested to hear about whether it's worth pursuing. I know it will take me a while but if I can't convince people of the benefit then a lot of the intranet development time will go to waste.
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