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General Chat Thread, Business case for a new server. Templates? in General; Hi all, Just got a new job as ICT Manager in a secondary school so now feel I can properly ...
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    Business case for a new server. Templates?

    Hi all,

    Just got a new job as ICT Manager in a secondary school so now feel I can properly join in with the forum.

    The school is in desperate need of updating and fixing.

    Have created a 6 month plan which involves a new server, domain, backup solutions, several workstations, wireless...
    It's that bad but they are aware and fully supporting it all.

    First thing I have to do is create a business case for the server before the 8th.
    I was previously a tech in another school where I pretty much ran the place including proposing how to spend the 25k budget each but I never had to do the official paper work.

    Looking into google I can see basic guides which I but wondered if I asked nicely on here and said please if anyone could share a successful template that you have used or a successful business case for a new server?
    Please .

    Going to have to several of these but all with the same business need of service reliability and for the ability to upgrade to a later version of Windows Server that is supported by Microsoft.

    Many thanks.

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    When it comes to the core system (it is that - the core).

    One thing that's always useful to add is the fact that no matter which path the School chooses to go to the Core system is always going to exist. If you go down the route of BYOD, Mobile devices, Windows PCs, Mac PCs, Laptops, Macbooks - the core system is going to be required. And it needs to be reliable, redundant, fast, fit for purpose and give you the capacity to expand.

    Having replaced several of our servers which were old, slow and struggling with a brand new dell virtual server we no longer find our selves getting complaints about systems being offline (except systems out of our control). We are in the progress of upgrading out network from 100MB to 1GB HP Procurve Switches and our new building (which is fully 1GB) has been fully noticed by teachers and SLT. Considering our current 100MB is HP ProCurve and has had a single failure in 10 Years certainly makes things look brighter for the next 10 Years. Our wireless has also just been upgraded and again people are noticing the difference and its rare now for us to get the "Its slow" comment. And at the moment they are only getting a 100MB connection due to the backbone.

    I provided all the costs, equipment, where it would go, timescales. As a result of the new building I was able to give them real physical evidence of the difference. I used transport as a good example to explain the speed differences when the new building was still being constructed. Then again I also had the slow system as an example, because the school didn't plan ahead it suffered and the best way to be is to anticipate upgrades not wait till it goes wrong.

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