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General Chat Thread, Mario in McDonalds in General; I don't know if any of you have noticed, but <cDonalds have been giving Mario figures away with happy meals ...
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    Mario in McDonalds

    I don't know if any of you have noticed, but <cDonalds have been giving Mario figures away with happy meals atm (you can buy them seperately if you don't want a meal btw @99p each).
    There is talk about them running this promotion becuase of poor Wii U sales: Super Mario Happy Meals: Nintendo Takes Mario Bros To McDonalds (IMAGES) and I can see their point. What were younger gamers and their parents have plumped for the PS4 and XB1, and I can't really see even children's pester power helping drive sales with parents probably going 'No, you can't have it, but you'll thank me in 5 years time'.
    Does anyone have any recent Wii U sales figures vs Microsoft and Sony BTW?

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    All I know is that Sony are constantly sold out across the US and Japan...not sure for EU however.

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    the wii u wont sell its too complicated console controllers tablet to play a game they ignored why the wii sold anyone could pick it up and have a go. Head to head against xbox/ps4/pc its not a gamers unit its for casual gamers and with the rise of tablets/phones that's a shrinking market

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    I own one, I like it. I just wish they didn't make such a hash of the OS and dev support as the only people developing properly for it are Nintendo themselves and everyone else treats Wii U customers as second class citizens. Delays, feature cuts and prices being really high because those few third party games that do come out are just that, a few. You are better off getting multi-platform releases on other platforms, Watch Dogs is the latest casualty with the Wii U version "maybe coming out this year" long after other platforms have consumed the hype and made those early sales.

    Wii U publish the latest sales figures and news and worth following if you own one. But the OS needs a redesign, MiiVerse needs a redesign ( Nintendo and their policies treating adults as children, can't even post your public Twitter handle on there) and the system needs to be properly developed for as it is GPGP based, not CPU based so developers have to actually work to code for it. It's why you see so many conflicting reports of First and Second party going "Hey, so much power" and Third party producing shoddy results. Even apps, the Amazon Video app is slow and horrible to use but I'm too lazy to swap audio sources on my PC every time.

    TLDR - Great idea but Nintendo got too cocky and botched it in key places.
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