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General Chat Thread, OU Structuring in General; Ours is similar to the above: Domain ---Machines -----Staff -------Admin -------Laptops -----Students -------IT1 -------IT2 -------etc ---Users -----Administrators -----Staff -----Students -------Year ...
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    Ours is similar to the above:

    -------Year 7
    -------Year 8
    -----Admin (with IPsec)

    There is more fine tuning than this but as a general overview..

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    Ours is:

    ---Computer Accounts
    ------Admin Office
    ---------Office 1, 2,3 etc
    ---------Staff Laptops
    ---------Student Laptops (Trolleys for example)
    ------Test Machines (for software deployment etc)
    ---Contacts (contacts for teachers in our partner school - ease of use in exchange)
    ---Groups (Standard security groups for shared area etc)
    ---Groups - Applications (each piece of software has a security group so we can allocate anything to anywhere, we use SCCM)
    ---Groups - Classes (sync'd with SIMS each class has a security group we use this for papercut and account selection)
    ---Groups - Distribution (exchange distribution groups)
    ---Groups - Intranet (access control for the intranet)
    ---Groups - Printers (using groups and GPP for printer allocation)
    ---Member Servers
    ---Remote Access Servers (Terminal Servers)
    ---Service Accounts
    ---User Accounts
    ---------Year of Entry
    ------Third Party
    ---------Primary School Visits
    ---------Open Evening
    ------System Administrators

    and that's about it!

    Edit: Added System Administrators, no idea how I forgot that one!
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    Surely it would be better to drop all those Groups OUs into their own big OU though, otherwise they'd clutter up the root domain? I may do something like what you've done with Groups - Applications though, seems like that'd be a good way to organize software deployment.

    Thanks for replies everyone, extremely helpful!

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