Hi Folks,

Due to a cock up during virtualization (Sophos SafeGuard stopped working!), and most of my staff now banging on about needing access to our shared drive from home (as they are too lazy to copy any files they need!) and being given VPN access via our LEA - the question begging is:

Do we need need to encrypt laptops anymore?

Previous they were encrypted for three reasons:

1) our SEN assessment software requires a local SQL db loaded with student info for remote working. If they have VPN they can work on the "live" copy on the server. db is not installed.

2) Encrypt H: offline cache. This is encrypted twice, once by Windows and then by Sophos.

3) Catch all failsafe if they store anything random on C:\... and laptop is nicked.

Now if I disable offline sync and force Desktop re-direction to a network drive I would assume the requirements for laptop encryption are rendered moot?

No local db installed, no ability to save on C:\..., VPN access to connect to network resources?

Memory sticks - They all get them, but with TrueCrypt. Obviously that would continue.

Whadda you think?