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General Chat Thread, Website Policy - Is there a best proactice Guide? in General; I need to find a best practice guide that lays out what school should and shouldn't put on their websites. ...
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    Website Policy - Is there a best proactice Guide?

    I need to find a best practice guide that lays out what school should and shouldn't put on their websites. Specifically reagarding photos and names.

    I have seen some good and bad policies. I have examples of both. But what I can't find is an authoritive one. Ideally a DFE set of guidelines. I know what I think about putting kids pictures on the school site. I can show other schools policies that go along the same lines. But I can't find a best practice set of guidelines that a school can use as a foundation to base their policy on? Does anyone know of one?

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    I'm sure i saw here a oucple of weeks ago someone post a traffic light system for website guidelines....

    anyway, i have stumbled across this....http://www.greenschoolsonline.co.uk/...-checklist.pdf


    Quote Originally Posted by Griff View Post
    Good shout...I recently used this http://clerktogovernors.files.wordpr...heck-list6.doc not sure how relevant it is but really helped us fix a few things up on the website. Good luck!
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