For some reason my phone is being a bit dodgy, I tried to update my wallpaper and wasn't happy that it kept trying to crop and scroll across all the screens and now when I try and select a new Wallpaper for some reason I seem to have lost the option of Wallpapers to select from. I only have the top 2 options below.

Android Wallpaper-wallpaper.png
I did have wallpaper Wizard (but never used it) and I ended up removing that so I don't know if it is related but I thought the Wallpaper option was from the default option in Android? I have a Huawei U9200 and it is running 4.03 and I don't know if it is that version of Android which is dodgy or the phone. Anyone know how I can get Wallpapers back onto the phone? I don't really want to reset to factory if I can help it, but being stuck with a zoomed in photo as my wallpaper is starting to get a bit annoying now.