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General Chat Thread, Hashcoin - potential advanced Bitcoin replacement - thoughts? in General; ...
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    Its risk Vs reward; and like most things in life, money makes money.

    Where your £1 @nephilim returned you £5, someones £10,000 returned them £50,000.

    I know what I would be investing, but hell I am a gambler! However as long as you top slice and cover your outlay when your up and ensure you set your stop losses you should always break even. Everything above that is just gravy!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sdrawkcab View Post
    But then spending them is nearly impossible. For a currency to work, you have to spend it.

    I must be getting old, or I've got old.

    I've read as much as I could of the funding page as I could before my brain neared critical mass with all the buzzwords on there, and I've tried to follow as much of this thread as I can, but......I'm completely lost. The only thing that made sense to me was the quote above.

    I trust cash......money....banknotes, coins......I don't trust financial advisors, I don't trust pension funds (other than the LGPS), or any other financial service which wants to 'hold' your money, to 'invest' it for you, on the proviso that they might lose it all, by the way, and it's not their fault.

    I am quite happy to keep my money under the mattress, in a pillow, buried in the garden (if I had one) or even on my person, in my sock......anywhere where I have control of it, and no one else, and when I finally cash out my pension, that's exactly what I shall do. If I have to die defending it from 'robbers', then at least I'm defending it, not handing it over to some sharp-suited, fast-talking, cocaine-snorting wide-boy banker, only for them to tell me, 'Oh dear, it's all gone, we made a loss on <investment>, but that's the risk you took when you gave it to me'.

    Have to go now, just had 52 Dell i5's delivered.

    There was another quote which seemed to hit the nail on the head......'If you can't tell who the sucker at the card table is..........'.

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