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General Chat Thread, Use of social networking sites in schools in General; Originally Posted by elsiegee40 I have no problem with the use of Social Networking, but schools need to be mindful ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by elsiegee40 View Post
    I have no problem with the use of Social Networking, but schools need to be mindful of the following:

    - Many social networking sites have a minimum age of 13 for user accounts; you should not be doing anything that means that children under that age are using those sites.

    - Social networking sites used in an educational environment must be used with accounts set up by and monitored by the school. Staff must never use their personal accounts in conjunction with these sites. This is as much to protect their careers as to safeguard the little darlings.

    - School policy on how these sites are used and monitored must be clear. The school needs to be mindful of potentially reputation damging incidents.

    Properly set up and run with clear, enforceable policies in place social networking can work well. If it is not managed properly then there is the potential for major problems.
    We've got a facebook site, Vimeo channel, class blogs and twitter feeds for classes, head and office, the facebook page feedback from parents has been phenomenal and has helped us prove a point to the local community but do agree with elsiegee40 that it has to be rigidly managed and set up to ensure the school's reputation and safeguards should be followed to ensure children are carefully protected. We make it very clear that facebook is not for use by children under 13 and anything on facebook is replicated on twitter and class blogs so they can see it via public channels.

    It's also been a great way of teaching our parents how to communicate via twitter and facebook and use social media in a positive manner, instead of the mud slinging at the previous school that went on behind our backs.

    When it's done right it can have an amazing affect on the school and the wider area. :-)
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