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General Chat Thread, Watch out there's a thief about. in General; Which is it 180 or 200? :P...
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    Re: Watch out there's a thief about.

    Which is it 180 or 200? :P

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    Re: Watch out there's a thief about.

    We got done 2 weeks back. We're 98% sure it's a woman - saw a suspicious probable female coming into the site on CCTV with a hood up and face covered, then leaving about 45 minutes later at a fair rate of speed (timed it).

    Had a bag on her shoulder that looked fuller on the way out. Basically, she MUST have been somewhere on site for the 40+ minutes, which is frightening.

    Doorframe of the music office was forced, and she got away with a Turion laptop, and 2 staff purses with cards etc.

    Done with 5 minutes left before the gates were locked for lunch..totally brazen.

    TBH, there are so many ways in and out of here it's stupid. We've had a projector taken before by someone coming in with the cleaners and then hiding in an IT suite until IT goes home and the lights go out, then removing the projector and leaving through the suites (which is when he realised he was on 3 cameras and ran).

    THEN we hear that the weekend before, a black woman came walking into the school theatre where the theatre of gifted youth were, and took a cash tin off a small child who was part of it, then ran.

    All because they left the damned emergency exit open..

    and THIS is why I've disabled the "pass through" latches on our IT keycode doors. Idiot teachers who circumvent the security REALLY annoy me.

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