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General Chat Thread, Cancelling Sky TV in General; ...
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    Whilst sky may say you cannot resubscribe as a new customer for 12 months if they ring you after you have cancelled and offer you something that's a different story.

    Also consider a nowtv box we have some for movies as it's £8.99 a month with multiple boxes in the house.


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    Quote Originally Posted by alexbillbridgnorth View Post
    I couldn't we cancelled sky and lost all recorded TV Shows. Instead I set-up a XBMC Frontend with a DVBViewer backend this is so much better than the sky package we had as we only bought the standard channels. We get 100's of channels now, plus we can record TV, Rewind and Pause all works flawlessly! Plus it also means the HTPC is now a DVB Viewer server meaning any computer connected to our local network can stream live TV from it so we have sky TV all round the house. It's well worth looking into a solution like this if you're cancelling sky!

    Edit: We didn't even get standard freeview when we cancelled sky only BBC One, Two, ITV, Channel 4 and Five nothing else worked!
    I don't understand. How can you get the sky channels without a subscription, are they broadcast online and they're hacked into with DVBviewer?

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    I was under the impression that for recording to work you needed an active Sky account?

    also River Monsters is on Netflix and if you go down the NowTV route side load Plex on to it.

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    @Pyroman We only get Freesat channels although I have found that with DVB Viewer it picks up free channels from around the globe so say for instance USA gets Disney Channel for free we receive USA's Disney channel we also get from other places like Iraq etc... But we don't understand the language so we get rid of these. There are also unlockable codes if you do some searching online so that you can get paid british channels for free. Though I didn't do this I have 480 Channels as it is I don't need any more. Really cool setup you should try it!

    Edit: Some channels we get include all of CBS Channels, Fox, Disney Channel, Comedy Central, just off the top of my head
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