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General Chat Thread, Your medical secrets... in General; Originally Posted by matt40k The same folks who have added "Google" as a word. No different to having hoover as ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by matt40k View Post
    The same folks who have added "Google" as a word.
    No different to having hoover as a verb. It's a simple word that effectively describes the task.

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    Am I missing something?

    Read the linked site and it just talks about information being shared with institutions I already assumed it would be shared with - hospitals, clinics, etc. No mention of selling data to the highest bidder. Besides wouldn't the data protection act apply?

    Of course i don't want my personal data actioned off to $someinsurancescumbagdotcom but the scheme, as I just read it, I don't have a problem with.

    Besides - My medical notes would fit as MS Word document on a single sided 8" floppy. I'm sure if I ever needed an appointment with my GP I'd have arguements with the receptionist as to whether or not I'm registered at that clinic.

    Been to my current GP exactly twice. Once in 2001 to hand in the registration forms. Once in 2005 for some jabs for a holiday.

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    I think we have a perceptions issue here. For research purposes, being able to link medical histories and treatments of very large datasets should enable a lot to be discovered that isn't already known. The promise of anonymity of the data - assuming it can be kept technically - would mean that the value of the data is not lost.

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    I think it is a good idea if it was just kept within the NHS. I had a family member come down from Bristol at Christmas 2012, and he ended up having to be admitted to hospital. Sadly, he passed away just a few days before Christmas 2012. There was so much hassle, and so many phone calls had to be made to Bristol so that they could get his records.

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    Full NHS hospital records uploaded to Google servers, "infinitely worse" story to come « Boing Boing

    PA Consulting, a management consulting firm, obtained the entire English and Welsh hospital episode statistics database and uploaded it to Google's Bigquery service. The stats filled 27 DVDs and took "a couple of weeks" to transfer to Google's service, which is hosted in non-EU data centres. This is spectacularly illegal. The NHS dataset includes each patient's NHS number, post code, address, date of birth and gender, as well as all their inpatient, outpatient and emergency hospital records. Google's Bigquery service allows for full data-set sharing with one click.

    The news of the breach comes after the collapse of a scheme under which the NHS would sell patient records to pharma companies, insurers and others (there was no easy way to opt out of the scheme, until members of the public created the independent Fax Your GP service).

    According to researcher and epidemiologist Ben Goldacre, this story is just the beginning: there's an "infinitely worse" story that is coming shortly.

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