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General Chat Thread, Digital leaders / e-ministers in General; We are looking to appoint students as digital leaders. Here are a few questions that I needed to et some ...
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    Digital leaders / e-ministers

    We are looking to appoint students as digital leaders. Here are a few questions that I needed to et some ideas on:

    • It is quite difficult to draw a line as to how much they should be doing i.e. should they only help out with simple things like helping out staff with ppt video/audio embeding, populating MLE pages, graphic design (creating posers for events and website), or should we get them involved in more technical issues too like printer jam clearing, IWB connections, projectors, helping out in assemblies (ppt loading, projector on/off) etc.
    • What is the best way of appointing them (through a point system earned by sudents or interviews).
    • Who is responsible for overlooking this process and manaing digital leaders (the ICT Teacher or IT Manager)?

    Many thanks

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    If you are doing something like this then keep it simple. What if they hurt themselves whilst trying to clear a paperjam? Keep the technical issues within your team.
    selection : nominations from teachers - as they know students best.

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    Who is responsible? It depends on who is driving this and what the youngsters are doing.

    If it is peer metoring in the classroom then I'd suggest that the teaching staff should be doing it.

    If you are using them as young apprentices, then the techies should run it..

    I have this at my primary school at very basic level... topping up printer paper, putting headphones away, tidying the IT suite, etc

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