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General Chat Thread, Charging for personal laptop fix in General; ...
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    For me it depends on who it is, how quickly they need it, if I had plans and move them or if I was free anyway.

    I've done smal jobs like OS installs for £10-15 and set it running while I watch TV through to complete HDD recovery and replacement in a short timeframe (that same evening, her daughter was off to uni and needed it that next day) which I cancelled a gaming night with my mates for and got £80 for doing.

    I have a "no parents" rule that is agreed with the headteacher, too many issues could occur from going to a pupils parents' house to do something (call-backs, wanting another fix for free, money issues with being paid, if something goes wrong a week later and they want to blame what I did.... all that stuff).
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    I only do staff own personal laptops. I charged £25 for a OS reinstall with updates.

    I say unless you need back a.s.a.p then i take around 2/3 days. (i only do it when the kids are in bed, so after (7-8pm)

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    Do it for free as a favour or charge properly. Remember when you undercharge for your work you're making it hard for others (to whom it might be their only income) to ask what they are worth. People currently balk at a £100 PC fix but would pay a plumber the same and think they got a deal.

    Because people don't value their skills and undercharge.

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    For this kind of job I charge by the benchtime at £5/hr. That's how long it's on my workbench for while I'm keeping an eye on it but can still do other things. Again, minimum of £25/five hours or it's not worth the hassle.

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