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General Chat Thread, IT Technician Apprentice - Anyone use them? Been one? Recommended? in General; ...
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    I am, but I don't work under anyone in IT. I do a day at college a week for my L3 apprenticeship and an A+ qualification. 37 hours (officially) at £2.68. Not good, but I enjoy the work. The school send me on any training they can, too.

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    i was one, on an advanced apprentiship 3years. the wage i was on was £95 a week 40 hours 52 weeks. was called into college when i was needed as done documents onsite and an assessor came in to check it over then asses me on the area eg watching me do a system install (wanted it done from all disk. done it as a wds install and got monaned at for it then explaned what happens. passed all the units and then wasnt given a job at the place but got a job as a senior tech at the place im at now

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    I was an apprentice and it got me the foot in the door I needed. The technician at the school I was at left and I got his job! The experience was vital. We now have an apprentice and its a challenge sometimes but it helps the young person out massively, to learn and get the experience. I am now going onto my 3rd school and wouldn't be where I am with the apprenticeship.

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    I was on an apprenticeship, I worked 5 days a week, and I had to do an online portfolio to complete my work, which I did when I got some spare time, and the rest I learnt whilst working from my boss etc and also I had two one week exam weeks, where I went to the company I was doing my apprenticeship with and we just revised for the exam and at end of week we took it and I obviously passed :P
    other than that its just basically as if I was working for the school as a normal employee other than I had two people checking up on me, my Boss and my assessor from the company who I did my apprenticeship through, but that was only a couple of hours every couple of months.
    So yes it's worth getting one in, as you can pay them little money which I hated and you get someone to pick on and get to do stupid things, which I did very many of, but it was all worth it as im still working for the school now and im loving it

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    I was an Apprentice, now I've been here over two years and am fully employed by the school. I knew more-than-the-basics of Windows machines and the basics of small (home) networks, so that was a good start, but I learnt so much more and honestly I wouldn't be where I am now without it. Would definitely recommend!

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    One of my technicians joined us 3 years ago as an apprentice. He made himself invaluable and got a full time job as a result of it.

    We're now looking for another but, unfortunately, the applications so far haven't been great.

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    Apprentice here 30 hours a week on the job training and assessment for 12 months, if the candidate has good potential then at the end of the 12 month employment status a a job will be waiting.

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    I used to teach and run apprenticeship programs particularly those placed as IT Technicians in schools. Anything you want to know about setup and running I'd be happy to let you know.

    The biggest, biggest thing by a long way is to remember these guys and girls are NOT cheap labour. Taking on an apprentice is a brilliant idea for long term planning and expansion and upskilling for your staff, but it is a commitment to their and the school's future. I have worked with some schools who saw them as cheap ways to fill the IT technician role and do the 'monkey work', didn't attempt to upskill or assist in their apprenticeship and it was a bad experience for all.

    If you find the right candidate, and there is a skill in that too, then they will bite your arm off for stuff to do and learn and they will be a real asset to you.

    EDIT: Remember too that these young IT geeks in the making are also just starting out, again don't go in expecting experience of the working world, or network engineers from day 1.

    Let me know if you have any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pughburt View Post
    having been an apprentice myself I can honestly say it gave me the platform I needed I was given the opportunity of real world experience and become an expert in my field with first rate training, willingness to learn and combined focus I am now a fully qualified Microsoft MCSA.

    It really depends on the person though as other apprentices just haven't had the hunger that I had for one reason or another and have ended up getting their contracts terminated at the end of their course. If you are a good judge of character I recommend getting one.
    This this this!

    It got me where I am today (Lead of a schools team who take on a NM role in both Primary and Secondary) - Several Microsoft Quals and enough real world experience to fill a bath.

    I've worked with apprentices since completing mine (acting NM at one school, and joint at another) and some thrive, others just are obviously not cut out for IT.

    In short, without people employing apprentices, the keen youngsters that learn by doing will never have a chance to shine!

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    IT Technician Apprentice - Anyone use them? Been one? Recommended?

    We've just been offered a employed tech for 15 hours or a apprentice for 37 and the school would pay out a bit more.

    Going to try the apprentice root. We've just had a 15 hour tech leave, it generally caused more work for me as he couldn't complete anything.

    The apprentice and 15 hour tech will have same permissions.

    Access to AD Using RSAT tools and given access to pupils and in 6 months teachers logins if they are ok.
    They get pupil folder access and staff share after a while but never any admin shares or access to admin account.

    They get remote access to pupil workstations using impero.

    The only thing I've said the managers need to look into is that if they are useless and create more work for me then what happens.
    I've got six schools now, over 400pcs, 8 servers, and a pile of iPads currently running on my own and refusing to take on anything else.
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    I've had 3 apprentices over the last 2 school years here.

    The first year (2012-2013) I took on 2 of them. My previous Technician had left about 18 months prior, and I had been managing the schools' IT on my own since then (700 kids, 150 staff, 500+ devices). It wasn't too bad, but we knew that going forward any expansion would need additional hands to keep my brain from having a meltdown!

    The difference the 2 guys made in that year was enourmous - we were able to get so much done, and almost doubled the amount of IT available to everyone including some very exciting new things like tablets. Over the year I trained them up and helped them pass their courses, both of them did really well which was nice to see.

    At the end of the year it was evident that 1 of the guys was more suited to the Tech role, the other was good with the pupils and the application of ICT rather than the support. To that end I kept 1 of them on as my full IT Technician, the other has gone into training this year to be a TA (I made a case to the Head to keep him employed here as he's a good guy) and once this year is up he will then become our ICT Speicialst TA for Sept'14 onwards, helping all the classes with their planning & delivery of the curriculum ICT, which I'm sure all the teachers will love!

    This year I've had another apprentice come in, which my now-Technician and I have been training between us. All 3 of my apprentices were interviewed and chosen by SLT and myself, and they let me have particular say the second time around, leading the interviews myself this time. This helped make sure I got the right person for the role, which it has become clear that I did.

    For me, the big advantage of having an apprentice rather than employing someone with experience already is that you can build them up your way, on your own system; they don't come with baggage or "we used to do it X way at my last place" attitudes.

    The drawback is, of course, that you need to teach them most things from square 1 - even if they have experience of computers from their own school/personal lives, chances are remote that they'll have encountered the stuff our networks (and staff! ) require. So in the first instance having an apprentice or 2 can make more demands on your time than it removes, but after a few months you can set them going and all those little tasks that used to be so annoying and time-consuming now fall to someone who hasn't had to do it 1000+ times already and actually enjoys the job.

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