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General Chat Thread, Need a hug - feeling a bit sorry for myself in General; this is si sad to hear! now your dog is on the rainbow, where is no pain. He had a ...
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    this is si sad to hear!
    now your dog is on the rainbow, where is no pain. He had a good life with you, he gave his life for you and your family and that was his aim on the earth. I am sure he was happy. That is good that you was with him until his last breath, you did it for him.
    For people who keep pets, animals are not just animals, they are members of family, very close friends, who never judge, who always with us, who love us more than their own lifes. And it is so sad when we loose them. But when they go away, we have an oppotunuty to help other poor souls, dogs or cats that have been betrayed or were born homeless. Take a dog from the animal's shelter and it will be the best you can do, in honour of your friend.

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    I know how you feel.

    I've had pets since I was young, and it's always horrendous when they go.

    And so far, it's been a terrible few months.
    One pet died in November.
    Then another in December.
    To cap it all, one of my best friends died suddenly.

    This website is helpful, even if it's used as reassurance that you're not going insane.
    Coping if you have been recently or suddenly bereaved | BPS
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