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General Chat Thread, School Wireless clock and bell system in General; Hello, I have been tasked with finding a supplier of a School Wireless clock and bell system. I have googled ...
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    School Wireless clock and bell system

    Hello, I have been tasked with finding a supplier of a School Wireless clock and bell system. I have googled and found a couple but if anybody has got any good recommendations I'd be grateful. Thanks

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    Bell System maybe worth checking if your fire alarm can assist, some will take an input that can do the job which worked well for us it made a different tone to the actual fire alarm and did the job nicely.

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    We use Bodet for our lesson change system.
    The master clock can trigger our main fire control panel, and via wireless relays also trigger the additional fire control panels we have had installed in new buildings over the years. Or you can even use their own sounder units if you want melodies or voice style messages.

    They also do clocks that pick up the same wireless signal so it's the same time everywhere.

    Our initial install about 18 months ago for the master control unit, DHF transmitter, 3 wireless relays and 3 boosters was around the £3,000 mark. We have since added an additional wireless relay to control our automated gates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sloughman View Post
    Hello, I have been tasked with finding a supplier of a School Wireless clock and bell system.
    Depending on what, exactly, you need and what networking you have set up, we're just setting up a school-wide public address system using IP-enabled endpoints that support multicast audio. All our IP telephone handsets support multicast audio, plus we're adding in some Snom PA1s (about £120) connected to loud speakers in areas where we need a bit more volume. If you need a school-wide bell system, you could use a PA system and simply have a script play a bell sound at appropriate times of the day, plus you gain a PA system.

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