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General Chat Thread, BETT - where is everyone staying? in General; I was waiting for a date for an op before I could commit to BETT and, wonderfully, I have been ...
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    BETT - where is everyone staying?

    I was waiting for a date for an op before I could commit to BETT and, wonderfully, I have been offered Tues, Jan 28th so I can go! I am so pleased as I am going to be stuck at home in a cast for 6 weeks in pain and I really need something to cheer me up before I have to go through all that.
    So...mrwITch, bless him, has said that I should stay up in London for a night so I can attend for two days. I have looked around and there are some rooms left in most hotels, both near Excel and further out, so I wondered who was staying where as it would be nice not to have to go off into the night to find my hotel by myself

    Where are you all going to be?

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    If I can make it down for Fri/Sat I'll be looking to stay here:

    North London Hostel - Palmers Lodges Hillspring

    Nice place, cheap and 5 mins from Jubilee. Been there before.

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