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General Chat Thread, What do you do to help you go to sleep?? in General; I just think I have another full 7 hours before I have to go out to work, I might watch ...
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    I just think I have another full 7 hours before I have to go out to work, I might watch an episode of Porridge or other comedy or an old documentary on Youtube (I have been watching the 1970's series the Family at the moment, watched divorced Iranian style the other night, or on the Vice youtube channel there are lots of documentaries, a bit serious though).

    For some reason I get the occasional night once every few weeks when I feel ok, but for some reason when I am in bed trying to go to sleep I start to worry about stupid things, like did I forget to lock the office or did I install a pierce of software properly, I have woken up in a sweat before. Then in the morning I wonder what all the worry about over something something so simple.

    I don't think this career is for me lol.

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    Hey guys just to let you know its now after midnight and yep surprise, surprise I'm still awake even though I had no caffeinated drinks, ecig and just read a book with a bit of YouTube ASMR (really relaxing may I add first timer with this ASMR stuff) reading about it online it's an actual thing and it's strange while watching it some of these videos give you a strange nice feeling headache... anyone else experienced this or is it me being weird!!? I do feel more sleepy though but to be honest I think it's because I'm now worried I can't get to sleep which then I keep thinking about it and end up not snoozing off it's like once big circle. Hopefully a few days is nothing to worry about and I'll be back in the land of nod soon!

    Thanks for all your support guys!!

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    I had trouble getting great sleep the first couple of days back this week, perhaps it will pass.

    as mentioned fresh air is good, no device (blue light) too close to bed, no coffee after lunch, no alcohol, try to keep the room as dark as possible.

    I religiously have warm milk with honey about 30-40 mins before bed

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    Nothing like a good bath before bed to relax you. I'm also having dodgy sleep this week, got off the plane from Australia Monday evening and was in the shower at 6am for work the next day. Been up before by 4am every day so far, damn jetlag!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkeh View Post
    First up stop watching your laptop before bedtime. The shortwave "blue light" that is emitted by screens is the most suppressive of our melatonin production. Melatonin is the hormone that controls our sleep\wake cycles.

    The missus and I have stopped watching TV, using computers or phones and hour before bed and we have both slept much better.
    Strange that. I can't (or find it a bit more difficult) to get to sleep without my laptop on with some YouTube documentary or similar on the go.

    Anyways, I've found two hours of Krav Maga helps me sleep like you wouldn't imagine! Not a fan of pills or drugs but Valerian root will do the job if you're tired but not quite sleeping.

    I get at least an hour of exercise every day (between gym, lifting & MA) so tend to sleep alright. Do need that laptop on to drift off though, and very much need my 8 hours.

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    The Archers on iPlayer... I'm usually gone before the end.

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    I'm a non-smoker who avoids caffeine and I've been struggling to sleep lately too. My usual default go-to is that I write a story in my head. This distracts me from the 'physical things' - like an uncomfortable PJ wedgie, or creased sheets and because my body is still, my brain tends to shut down - usually when I've reached the good bit of the story. Although it has to be said for more persistent issues a change of routine is probably needed. Try getting up half an hour to an hour earlier - you'll be more tired at bed time. Also make sure to be up early at weekends - oversleeping at weekends is usually an issue for me because I sleep in on Sunday morning so find it hard to sleep Sunday night and am tired on Monday.

    I used to take 'Kalms' to help me sleep - not sure if they did any good or not but they are fairly gentle.

    I also find that fresh bed linen helps - try changing your pillow case every couple of days. It sounds weird but I always sleep really well in a fresh bed so I tend to change the linen as often as practicable (although getting it dry in this weather is a PITA and tumble drying it will destroy the embroidery).

    Horlicks is good too. Also, make sure you aren't eating too late. I grew up in a household that would eat dinner around 8.30pm. My partner grew up in a household that would have dinner on the table by 6.30pm and when he used to visit us he'd always have trouble with how late we ate and now we are in our own home we tend to eat around the 7pm mark giving us 3-4 hours before bed to digest dinner.

    I can't sit still and do one thing either - if I'm watching TV I have to be doing something with my hands so I'm a fairly prolific sewer which tends to tire me out too.

    Also - do you have pets that are allowed in the bedroom? Dogs are worse than Cats but I find my sleep more disturbed when my Cat is in the room because he has a different 'approach' to sleep. Maybe try shutting your pets out of the bedroom. If your problem is really bad and the pets howl or scratch put them into a boarding kennels/cattery for a few days to recover your rhythm. We moved one of our cats 'activity towers' upstairs and he discovered the 'bowl' and sleeps there (despite not fitting in it) so he's gone from sleeping in the bed with us to sleeping out on the landing and my partner is thrilled with the compromise.
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    Quote Originally Posted by visioN View Post
    Sometimes we have late 5-a-side kick offs 9:30pm (once every 4 weeks) and i end up awake half the night!
    Can definitely relate to this....I play football on a Thursday night 10-11pm, get home and no matter what, I cannot sleep. Normally end up drifting off around 1 ish!

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