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General Chat Thread, Christmas Shopping in General; Originally Posted by tscnmuk That was what I did think at first - however, you know what these female types ...
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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    Quote Originally Posted by tscnmuk
    That was what I did think at first - however, you know what these female types are like, I get the enjoyment of being dragged round eleven million shops all day long :-)
    This female type had to go to Bluewater last Saturday. Did it first thing; in and and out in an hour; Christmas shopping being done on the internet.

    I can't bare shopping centres; especially in the run up to Christmas!

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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    Only ggot to get presents for my daughter and my girlfriend. So mine is pretty much sorted as I know what I am buying and have just got to go and get it.

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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    @ tscnmuk & webman: Do yours all online then when you get dragged off you can just soak up the atmosphere or be incredibly smug you know everything is sorted. If you spot anything extra there is then no pressure wether to get it or not. Added bonus that if you get bored out of your skull....... I mean the excitment gets too much you can whisper sweetly "I've seen something I must buy alone", give a coy look & smile and then head to the nearest drinking establishment (preferably out of the centre so less chance of being caught).

    Christmas, that great time of year when no questions are allowed to be asked.

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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    O God. Accompanying a woman whilst she is clothes shopping.

    Only at least a 95% certainty of seeing her in them and then, fairly rapidly, out of all of them, would make me to ever do this again.

    Saying things like, "So, let me get this straight. Apart from the size, style and colour, its exactly what you're looking for" are not recommended.

    The question, "Does this make me look fat?" is, of course, the worst case scanario. "No, your arse and podge do that" is not the correct answer.

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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    I must admit the better half hasn't spoken about it yet, maybe I can get away with it this year.
    Wishful thinking I suspect.

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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    I will pass lightly over the raging sexism appearing in this topic....

    I hate shopping and would no more 'drag' my partner shopping than fly.
    (but then, I am an engineer!)

    However, why is it the woman who dictates when the Christmas shopping should be done anyway?
    If it is your family, YOU do it!!


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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    Just been shopping this afternoon (day off today) unfortunately omitted to do any xmas shopping just bought stuff for me!

    I won't take my husband shopping with me - he's perfected the art of standing right behind me when I'm looking at clothes and when I turn to find him I fall over him. With a joint credit card I'm afraid men are no longer essential to shopping! (and yes I am being sexist!)

    We as in husband and me do most of our xmas shopping on t'internet now but even this gets fraught and requires lots of alcohol to recover.

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    Re: Christmas Shopping

    Went to Covent Garden yesterday to buy some shoes. "Shopping" was impossible - the place was so crowded you couldn't stay still long enough to actually look at anything without being swept away by the crowd!

    David Hicks

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