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General Chat Thread, How to get staff to use something new!!! in General; Originally Posted by alexbillbridgnorth Hey Guys So we have this amazing solution called filecloud which gives our users access remotely ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by alexbillbridgnorth View Post
    Hey Guys

    So we have this amazing solution called filecloud which gives our users access remotely from any mobile device or computer to our servers they just login and they can upload files to the staff share etc... Though checking on the record only 2 members of staff are using it on a regular basis. I haven't even seen one other member of staff use the solution at all. It's not just remotely either it allows all children to save their work from the ipads etc internally to our servers with a nice user interface. I find that staff will try things once and if they don't know what buttons to press and so forth they don't play with it and learn the software so it never gets made use of.

    This is a huge shame because as far as I know we are the only primary school that can do this for miles!

    How do I get staff to fully embrace something and use it to it's full potential, I've had a meeting about it, I've sent tutorial emails about it etc... I don't know what else I can do?

    Any thoughts?

    Have you got a link for the software it may be useful to my school as we're in a similar boat

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    This is it...


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