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General Chat Thread, Sky only router on Sky broadband? in General; Is it still true that you are not allowed to use a custom router for Sky broadband access? I've scanned ...
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    Sky only router on Sky broadband?

    Is it still true that you are not allowed to use a custom router for Sky broadband access? I've scanned their T's & C's but can only find a statement saying non sky provided router/modems may not work. However some older posts on other support sites say Sky can terminate your broadband access if you use a non Sky provided router.

    The farther-in-laws net access is flaky at the moment, and I'm fairly sure it's the router. I have a spare but don't want to test it in case Sky do say he's breached their T's & C's. And from what I hear, trying to get a new one from Sky is a mission and a half!

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    Sure I've heard that too, but never tried it. I've got about 4 or 5 at home, I normally cancel then get the girlfriend to sign up every 12 months. Pointless staying if they treat you like sh1t and they give "new" customers £50-£100 M&S vouchers along with a new sky box and router (well we moved to Virgin broadband now since we moved to cabled house, we kept Sky tv tho cause she likes it )

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    I've heard if you go Sky Fibre you have to use their router or ring them up and give them the MAC address of the router you are using. Seems they are doing some kind of MAC filtering. Never heard of a problem on ADSL.

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    @Rawns I am using my own router on sky broadband. They gave me the username and password for the adsl account with no problem via the online chat. The only thing they told me was, if there is a problem with the broadband I have to connect the sky router to it and then ring them!

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    Had the same problem last year. Sky where quite helpful at getting it resolved. Only problem we had was the account was in the name of a previous tenant, and no one knew the password. But it was all fine once he called them up. We also had to have someone look at the phone line as well. When they saw how old the router was on their system, they said straight away it needed replacing. They were surprised it was still working at all. Now its all fine and much faster than before.

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    I watch this with interest as we have a residential home that has sky broadband. It started out fine, but after 3 months it's dropping out all the time and the wireless signal means you have to be within a couple of metres of the router for it to work. I've got a couple of Zyxel long range AP's that i'm going to attach to it and turn off the wifi component to see if it helps, but after that i'm going to ring them and see if I can put our own gear on the end of it as I've got a cisco 1700 router lying round and a dsl wic isn't expensive.

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    As far as I am aware it is simply the MAC address they need that is the only thing stopping it. Virgin do the same a mate is an install engineer, says it is to stop people breaking into their cabinets on the street and arsing about.

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