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General Chat Thread, Home network setup? in General; Mines a bit patchy atm as we've only just sorted the house enough that we can start putting our PCs ...
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    Mines a bit patchy atm as we've only just sorted the house enough that we can start putting our PCs in. We have a Virgin 'Superhub' and I have an additional Netgear Access point upstairs to attach wireless stuff like our Chromecast and Xboxes to.

    2 X-boxes and a Wii
    Sonos Play 3 and Bridge
    Google Chromecast
    4 Laptops, 2 PCs and a Netbook.
    2 Galaxy Tablets and 2 Galaxy S3s
    Sky box
    The NAS
    The Printer

    When I get around to it I'm going to use some spare components I have lying around to build a small form factor device for my home Smoothwall. I have enough disk space and processing power in my main PC to run a few VM Servers until I can afford to upgrade my PC and turn the old one into a dedicated VM host. I'm quite enchanted with Zentyal atm so I want to get a server environment built with an AD and Exchange type server. Register my own domain and start hosting some web services for our own use. Will probably see if I can get all the media devices running through a single VM attached to the NAS so we can stream our various media sources. It's a big project with lots of tinkering.

    I also want to build a RaspPi Security cam that feeds to server storage so I can put a big fat middle finger up to the barstewards that stole my hanging basket, the dude over the road that vandalises cars he thinks are parked in 'his' space (it's a public layby with no permit requirements) and the obnoxious School kids that keep throwing litter into my garden. I will probably host a web front end for the feed so I can access it from work. I'm too cheap to spring for a static IP too so I'll probably sort out some DynDNS.
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    Sky router
    2011 iMac running plex media server
    Set of 4 500mbps home hubs
    1 x WD live box 2tb
    1 x apple TV 2
    1 x roku 3 box
    1 x iPad 2
    1 x iPad air
    1 x nexus 7 (2013)
    1 x nexus 4
    1 x iPhone 5c
    1 x sky box

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    I have a Virgin Superhub.

    Then it's just computers and phones etc.

    2006 era desktop as a HTPC connected to a TV.
    Late 2009 Mac Mini
    2006/7 HP laptop (I keep telling myself that I'll replace it but it keeps going!)
    Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC
    HTC Desire mobile phone.

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    Asus DSL N55u Router, HP Microserver N40L to download all Media and save files onto, TP Link Powerline Adapter 500mbps, HTPC XBMC Box, Raspberry Pi Open Elec Media Center, DVB Viewer to distribute all Satellite channels to XBMC clients, Gaming Desktop Rig, Alienware 17 Laptop. Tonido Solution

    Non computers are mainly mobile phones, tablets and gaming consoles!

    Oh and a Kodak wireless printer!!
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    @Arthur - whats your setup ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
    what's your setup?
    Here's mine...

    • Asus RT-N66U Router + DrayTek Vigor 120 Modem
    • 2 x HP N40L/N54L Microservers (21TB NAS)
    • HP Procurve 1800-8G Gigabit Switch
    • HP LaserJet P2015d Printer
    • 1 x Mac mini
    • 1 x Server for VMs etc. (Core i5-2500K, 32GB RAM, 1 x 256GB SSD)
    • 1 x Gaming PC (Core i7-4700K, 16GB RAM, 2 x 256GB SSDs)
    • Nexus 5 / Nexus 7
    • ChromeCast
    • Raspberry Pi

  7. Thanks to Arthur from:

    mac_shinobi (2nd January 2014)

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    Got BT kit at the core of my network.

    BT DSL Modem at the top.
    BT Homehub next providing a wireless service plus direct wired connection for my PC.
    NETGEAR Switch for wired devices going to other rooms.
    Another switch in the living room.

    I've noticed a growth in Wireless usage but sadly wireless coverage is poor so I need a wireless station or something to tack on to the network. Only half the house is covered.

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