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General Chat Thread, DVD Copying in General; Our resources department bought a dedicated machine with 8 drives, put the source in the top one and 7 blanks ...
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    Our resources department bought a dedicated machine with 8 drives, put the source in the top one and 7 blanks in the bottom, press a button and off it goes. Cant remember what its called or who we got it from off the top of my head but can look up tomorrow if interesred.

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    Oh man I've literally just finished an epic night session to burn the last 50 of our 120 Christmas performance DVDs.

    Normally I use our 10 PCs in the primary IT suite - make 10 masters on my PCs and my techies whack them into the IT suite and every 5 minutes you get another 10. Sadly the DVD burners are never used and half of them make coasters. Hence why I've spent all night at home disc swapping.

    It's not actually that much time. My techie can print and insert 120 DVD covers, burn the discs and print a label on each in well under a single working day. The parents then get this free at a cost (minus man hours) of about a 100 quid.

    The bigger issue is that our camcorder is so shite you can barely make the kids faces out.

    I mentioned this to the Head about a month ago and was told it's too much money for a once a year event. Now he's seen the DVD I've been told to spend as much money as required! I even went in and said 300 would buy a very decent HD machine and I was told to spend more and get the best!!
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    We decided to lump the cost and bought a 10 disc stack copier..makes life a lot easier.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sippo View Post
    Obviously we could do it ourselves, but 120 is a lot of man hours!
    Maybe helpful for next year: we have a company come in to video the production, they then take care of DVD production, duplication and selling to parents. The DVD ends up costing around 20 each to the parents, I think. They do bring a fair bit of equipment - not just a camcorder, but a large video camera and some decent mics to pick up the sound on stage.

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