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General Chat Thread, Bugsy Malone in General; Today is the week of our school's production. We are doing Bugsy Malone and I am having to film tonights ...
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    Bugsy Malone

    Today is the week of our school's production. We are doing Bugsy Malone and I am having to film tonights show (i.e set the camera up and leave it).

    Is anyone involved in their schools production? I am also doing the lights and sound.
    We had a dress rehersal and matinee to primary schools on wednesday, all day rehersal yesterday and a show yesterday evening. We also have shows tonight and tomorrow night and I have to go to all of them.
    I am sick to death of hearing the numerous members of our school's orchestra murder Bugsy Malone - Fat Sam's Grand Slam (HD) - YouTube several times.

    Anyone else?

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    Yup... It's my own fault, I was an actual theatre tech for 5 years. I have more bits of paper to do with that than IT!

    I also occasionally teach bits of technical theatre to the drama classes. I've got one coming up next week, fortunately I don't have to op this, just show one of the students how to do it. Then I'm working with the same student on the last day of term to do the end of term cabaret show.

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    Off tpoic here... but OMG they schools still lerform to bugsy malone? I remember doing it when i was primary school, all those many years ago - 16 years ago.. my god, now i feel old. I can still remember been picked as one of the lads from the gang from the first scene, i think that was dannys gang. Then we got the splurge guns which were actually shaving foam i think - was too young to know what it was. I remember the teacher saying dont spray the curtains but on the last night we thought, sod it. Was a good performance in the end, i think it was over 2 nights and can remember all the words from the sknfs as we used to practice it so many times.

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