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General Chat Thread, Totally wasted on her! in General; I sent an email out to staff to see if they had any computers speakers going spare. I got a ...
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    Totally wasted on her!

    I sent an email out to staff to see if they had any computers speakers going spare. I got a reply from our HT saying she had a pair that were shaped like dogs. I sent back asking what the woofers were like. No reply. I wonder if she has any shaped like birds?

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    I remember years ago being at a staff farewell for one of the Chemistry teachers, and the head of Chemistry was making all sorts of so-bad-they're-good science jokes. A particularly bad one was about how this teacher, who was also a youth leader at church, had been "radicalising his students - he removed one of their electrons".

    The head of Physics and I were falling about laughing while everyone else was looking at us like we were mad.

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    The best thing about UDP jokes is that I don't care if you get them...

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    Member of SLT - assembly to Sixth Form last week.

    "I went back to my old school last week. I was met at the door by a man with no arms, no legs and no body. He was the head."

    Confused looks from the sixth.

    "He had to leave to deal with an issue, and in came a man with No arms, no legs, no body and a hat on - he was the Deputy head".


    "WASTED! It's WASTED on you. Dear me..."..

    I was chuckling in the control room..

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