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General Chat Thread, Should I be paid more? in General; Hi Everyone, I work as a technician across 2 primary schools. Over the summer we had a Citrix solution installed ...
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    Should I be paid more?

    Hi Everyone,
    I work as a technician across 2 primary schools. Over the summer we had a Citrix solution installed so staff can access school resources remotely. The school have asked me I'd be on call over school hols, I'm happy to do this but I think there should be financial reward. Does anyone agree and if so how much should I ask for. Also as I'm between mobile phones should they provide a mobile phone? Maybe even pay for my home broadband?
    Currently I'm configuring server alerts if the alerts are sent to me does this also mean extra responsibility and therefore greater financial reward?
    Many thanks

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    You need to establish this with your line manager. If they say "no" then what will you do? Do it anyway or refuse to cover?

    I personally think that yes, if you're on call you should be paid a suitable rate for being on call. As to what is suitable... do the caretakers get paid an on call fee? If so, you should say you want the same amount of money or same percentage of your salary, whichever pays more, obviously.

    What you need to establish as well, is the rate you'll be paid at if you actually get called.

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    Your existing contract does not include out of hours support. What they are proposing is a substantial change. You have the right to refuse and the right to ask for payment.

    If you agree to do this, make sure you get a written contract that determines exactly when and how you will be on call. Nobody can be avilable 24/7/365 so get it written down when you will and will not be available. Don't get caught out by failing to respond to your mobile on holiday, supporting your other school or while out for the evening... it sounds stupid, but failure to manage expectation could result in a disciplinary!

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