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General Chat Thread, Came across this on Asterisk in General; http://www.automatedhome.co.uk/article1642.html...
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    Came across this on Asterisk

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    Re: Came across this on Asterisk

    Really interesting Ric! So have you atempted anything similar? I had a quick look on ebay to see what prices the gear goes at.
    Seems like you'd be quids in already with such a system. Then there's the other stuff you can do to interact with your home.
    Thanks for the link anyway. Thoroughly enjoyed that

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    Re: Came across this on Asterisk

    Downloaded that episode and watched it yesterday before I read this how funny

    What is awesome is the guy has a wifi enabled voip phone from hitachi I think he said that polls his asterisk server ever y 90 seconds and updates it so if it's gone out of range and asterisk doesn't hear from it then it presumably sends call to voicemail and then when it is in range and connected to an access point it updates it's ip address for calls to be routed to it which is awesome.

    Thing is though with phones like that is if you have a secure wireless setup with radius and certificates etc... how do the phones work?


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