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General Chat Thread, Gadget show - tablets in General; The gadget show was at essa tonight. Did anyone else see it?...
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    Gadget show - tablets

    The gadget show was at essa tonight. Did anyone else see it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by timbo343 View Post
    The gadget show was at essa tonight. Did anyone else see it?
    its on to record can skip through it in 35 mins by skipping competition and adverts

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    Yeah, I saw it. Was very good but had no technical info.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hawc View Post
    had no technical info.
    Just like all of the other reviews on The Gadget Show.

    The outcome was a bit predictable, especially since Essa students all have iPad's. Also, what was the point of the single question poll (which tablet looks the best)?

    John criticises both the Surface 2 and TF701T during his art class, so why on earth didn't he review the Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014) and the Surface Pro 2 instead (since they both come with styluses and Wacom active digitizers)?

    It's also strange that he didn't find Android intuitive.
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