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General Chat Thread, Car breakdown cover in General; ...
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    my friend just informed me that the AA repaired his car for £35 when the clutch went on it, as he was with their repair cover (up to £500 of repairs a few times a year), think he was paying about £20 a month for him and his wifes car.

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    I'm getting very tired of the AA. As I do Peugeot diagnostics part time I'm getting lots more reports of the AA reading the fault code on their reader and basically just making a guess. It would be like us replacing a power supply on a desktop on the basis of a teacher's comments that it wouldn't turn on - completely ignoring the fact it might be the power socket switched off, fuse blown, cable unplugged or even a faulty power button.

    They'd condemned the ABS system on one car because it wasn't responding on the diagnostics. It was a dirty fuse.

    They've suggested to another owner that the high pressure fuel pump was faulty. It turned out to be bad fuel in an area of the North East. Peugeot knew about it. The SMMT knew about it. Why didn't the AA?

    They might be OK to pick you off the motorway, or help if you've got a flat battery, but I wouldn't trust one of their diagnostics.

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    We're with GEM motoring assist - not the cheapest, but good value if you have more than one car / person to cover. We pay about £90 per year for two of us in any car, driver or passenger. Includes all the extras like home start, relay etc. haven't tried them as a passenger, but they we're very effective when my wife broke down in our car. Turned up in less than 30 minutes.she had to be somewhere else for work, so they just said leave us the keys and we'll sort it out. And they did.

    Also had good experiences with Greenflag - just a bit more cover for a bit more money for GEM seemed worth it when I came to renew. They get good reviews too, for what it's worth.

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    I've been with AA since day one of driving, touch wood never had to use them but they cover me rather than the car and its for £70 a year. Fight with them every year for price but know they are there with me doing 25+k a year.

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    Similarly to Sirbendy - I've only ever called on the AA once and they were absolutely useless and wouldn't turn out - my old (automatic) car got stuck in "1st" gear and wouldn't shift - in the end I drove it all the way home at about 8mph - it was still quicker than the times they were quoting to come and "help".

    Personally I'd sooner pay a nominal fee for somebody just to deal with arranging a tow to a reputable local garage for me in these circumstances, rather than an insurance type deal where the small print limits seem to outweigh the benefits

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    Late to the party but my 50p's worth, the RAC were brilliant when I had a motoring incident, I have nearly the top package and they recovered me from the motorway leaving London to Bristol and took my car back to Yorkshire for me and had a hire car for me to drive home. All sorted no fuss or mess I was very pleased with the service from them it was no hassle or stress with them so well worth it and I bought through Qudico so got half my membership fee back through them

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