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General Chat Thread, WASP!!!!! in General; Before i clicked on this link I thought it was about World Aquanaut Security Patrol - Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia But ...
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    Before i clicked on this link I thought it was about World Aquanaut Security Patrol - Gerry Anderson Encyclopedia

    But I totally agree I hate anything that flies that is smaller than a bat..... Daddy Long Legs freak me out. Have no idea what they're doing! And surprising I've discovered a fear of LadyBirds. We have a nest of them here in the office, cute and adorable til they fly! one pounced at me yesterday landing on my keyboard!
    WASP!!!!!-30026-harlequin-ladybirds-flight.jpg Seriously they're big when in motion!

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    The one thing I can't understand is how these flies/wasps/bees managed to get inside through the TINIEST gap possible, yet as soon as you open a window or door(s) they lose all navigational skills and can't seem to get back out again.

    Hate them I made the mistake of having my curtains open, window open and light on when it was pitch black - 3 moths tried to make a new home in my room, and even though it was gone 11 I wasn't going to bed until I got rid of them. OUT COMES THE VACUUM! (best defence weapon ever, especially with spiders.)
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    as i live in a log cabin in the parents garden i get all sorts of thing in there from spiders they be my pets now:P stag beetles to chickens.
    BUT when it comes to those demons that are called WASP's its a whole other world of terror. eg last weekend sat playing on pc wasp crawls out of case i scream and punch it i got stung then another showed its self my responce was f this im out of here run in doors to the house and get a bug spray comence operation hunter wasp after killing the first lot i found a hive how the hell i missed it was on the back of my lego R2D2 modal. got a EXTERMINATOR out to clear room room is clear and i still have my spiders :P

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    Wasps dont all die in the winter - the queen wasps hibernate.
    I am highly allergic to wasps and do a good version of the "wasp dance" if one comes anywhere near me - and of course I am ready with the epipen. (for me, not the wasp!)
    I used to kill them because I thought they were pointless as well as painfully pointy, but it turns out they do do some good, insect-wise. Also I have got a bit softer in my old age and hate the thought of killing anything.
    But why would anyone kill crane flies? They are irritating, yes, but they don't hurt anyone. Same for moths, some of which are beautiful. Jealoous of the stag beetles, they are amazing creatures
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    We used to get random HUGE wasps in the bathroom of our old cottage...may have been hornets. HUGE. I used to adopt the vacuum approach.

    Then one day I couldn't find it...in strolls my big cat, casts a disdainful eye on the buzzing critter. One very acrobatic leap and twist later, he's speared the thing right through with a claw. Game over for the sucker, down the loo it went. Good boy Hex.

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