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General Chat Thread, Classroom Observation Solutions in General; Need a favour What are your thoughts on the below? Client is requiring something that will operate in a similar ...
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    Classroom Observation Solutions

    Need a favour What are your thoughts on the below?

    Client is requiring something that will operate in a similar way to Iris Connect in that he requires video observation of the classroom with audio and a remote controlled camera to be operated by the observer in a separate location.

    He needs communication between the observer and teacher via a single channel input earpiece to be worn by the teacher.

    The problem with Iris Connect is their licensing model as they can only use that solution on their premises they are not allowed to use it offsite, which is a requirement.

    What other solutions are you guys using?


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    To be honest, I think your going to struggle to get a classroom observation solution that does everything that Iris does as it's quote bespoke. From when i've investigated it before, theres not to many systems on the market. We've just this week put an order in for Iris ourselves.

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    iPad on a set of wheels? Double Robotics - Telepresence Robot for Telecommuters - expensive, I know.

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