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General Chat Thread, Virgin Broadband in General; I have Virgin Broadband at home, and it is nothing more than a joke. We have the 8mb and it ...
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    Re: Virgin Broadband

    I have Virgin Broadband at home, and it is nothing more than a joke. We have the 8mb and it is just frustrating.

    Online gaming is just no longer possible.

    Before we made the switch to Virgin, we used One.Tel (now TalkTalk I believe) on a 2mb connection, and it was 500x better!! Beginning to wonder if the router has an impact due to the fact I have a mate or 2 on Virgin with different routers, and they all experience no problems...and they run wirelessly, whereas I run a wired connection.

    Currently use a NetGear DG834G iirc....

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    Re: Virgin Broadband

    I'm on Virgin 20MB too. I don't know what they base their 'limits' on, because I can get home, start a download off, and after about 2 minutes I get knocked from 1.6mb/s to 500k/s dead on.
    Not gone over 3GB or whatever the limit is, not downloaded all day, but I'm hit with a cap.
    The speeds the past two weeks have been atrocious. 300k/s max, but there's not use calling them because all they ask you to do is check your IP, restart the modem and PC, etc, etc.

    When the speed is ok, its great, but when its not, oh boy!!

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