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General Chat Thread, Networks are a jealous mistress in General; Everytime I have some decent time off planned - a week or more - something on the network throws a ...
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    Angry Networks are a jealous mistress

    Everytime I have some decent time off planned - a week or more - something on the network throws a massive hissy fit and goes apocalyptically wrong. I've had file servers suddenly using 40% of their CPU cycles on hardware interrupts on my first morning back, I've had SCCM self-immolate its database just before time off - always something REALLY MAJOR and out of the ordinary. It seems I can't take any time away without having to stay on site till lock up on my last day before my holiday.

    Friday night I was here till 8pm (and in again at 6:45am today) trying to rebuild a Smoothwall completely after it had major disk errors; at the time I jokingly said "I must be about to have some time off soon, I should let my wife know she'll be going into labour a week early" (due date is the 11th) and lo and behold, she seems to be gearing up for it either today or tomorrow. Somehow this network knows when I'm going to leave it and does something massive to frustrate/delay/panic me because it's jealous of me spending any time elsewhere, apparently.

    Does anyone else have this, or is it just me? It's all getting a bit HAL-9000/Shodan for my liking :/

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    As with all jealous mistresses - just spend a bhunk of money every now and again to keep 'em happy.

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    My servers get jealous too - but in a much more masculine way. They go and do the server equivalent of drinking too much and thinking that it is OK to jump off high walls or stay awake all night singing filthy rugby songs....

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