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General Chat Thread, Cant imagine how he felt in General; Read this on Sky News this morning. So sad. Cant imagine what would have gone through his mind as he ...
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    Cant imagine how he felt

    Read this on Sky News this morning. So sad. Cant imagine what would have gone through his mind as he lay there, probably in extreme pain.
    They are not sure what he was doing 600 miles away from home but nevertheless very sad.

    Dying Man Writes Love Letters In Wreckage Of Car

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    I saw this too and thought it was very sad, although no-one actually knows why he was all the way out there in the remote parts of Utah in the first place. It is a terrible way to go but is a cautionary tale against taking trips to or via remote areas without a) letting people know where you're going and b) having some sort of contingency for contacting the emergency services - in the US especially as there are plenty of remote and scarcely trafficked places. For a small amount of money you can buy emergency beacons - I know there are ones for people on boats but I'm sure they do land-based ones too and if you know you are going to be somewhere remote, it makes sense to have such a thing.

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